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Solutions & Services

At Martin Drainage, we do more than bury pipe—we provide complete drainage solutions. Here’s what defines us…

GPS Accuracy

We begin your job with GPS layout and design. Not only does this make accurate, precise installations possible, it also keeps costs lower and the installation more efficient, as well as reducing the time it takes to complete your job.

Qualified Team

The Martin Drainage team includes 6 A-license operators with over 90 years of combined drainage experience. For you, this ensures that your drainage job is planned and installed by an experienced, competent drainage team.

Our Approach

From start to finish, we endeavour to go the extra mile with your drainage installation. Our design approach is responsive to your specific needs, while incorporating the things years of experience have taught us. On completion, we disc your newly drained fields to ensure that you are left with a field surface you can work with.

Backup & Service

We stand behind our completed installations, and give you the assurance that we fix our mistakes in the event they have occurred. Beyond that, of course, we are also available to service or alter our own systems or work done by other drainage contractors.

Other Services

Martin Drainage can use its equipment to serve you in other ways. We provide the following stand-alone services as needed.

  • Gps Surveying
  • Backhoe Services
  • Heavy Equipment Hauling
  • Excavating
  • Pipe Inspection with Camera