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Why Drainage?

Improved Yields

Why Drainage?

Well-drained fields improve yields. In fact, drainage yield increases can exceed 40% per acre, especially for corn and wheat.

Why? Drainage ensures your crops get the right amount of moisture throughout the entire growing season. During spring soil saturation, a good drainage system will drain the excess moisture away, and crops will develop deep root systems that sustain them during drier summer months. Of course, with a deeper root system, your fertilizer will also be more effective.

Field Accessibility

Why Drainage?

Chronically wet fields are often inaccessible, and force field work into a very limited time/weather window.

And when you are able to get in your wet fields, the impact of compaction is alarmingly high. Ultimately, if your fields are wet, your choice will likely be between working wet land or buying larger equipment to work it faster in less time. Drainage changes the entire equation.

Cost Reduction

Why Drainage?

Drainage reduces your operating costs and waste. Plus, your farm drainage costs are 100% tax-deductible!

Field drainage eliminates wasted field space, reduces seed and fertilizer wastage.

Land Value

Why Drainage?

Farm drainage can make the entire difference in whether your farm resells above or below current market values.

If you view your farm land as an investment, then be sure to consider how farm drainage can extend that investment.